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Fortinet – FortiGate Firewall

FortiGate Firewall Video Training Course DOWNLOAD


Firewall Video Training Course


FortiGate Firewall Video Training Course

Fortinet – FortiGate Firewall

Video Training Course DOWNLOAD


Duration : 5.5 Hours

The videos in this series is applicable for FortiGate using FortiOS versions 5.2 and 5.3.

Overview and Design
Initial Access to FortiGate
Overview of Interfaces and Features
Internal (LAN) Interface
External (WAN) Interface and Default Gateway
General Settings
OSPF Routing
Confirm Basic Internet Access
Upgrading Firmware
Filtering based on Network and Services
Filtering based on URL (Part 1)
SSL Decryption (or SSL Inspection)
Safe Search with URL Filtering
Filtering based on URL (Part 2)
Anti-Virus Blocking
Traffic Shaping (per-IP)
Filtering based on Applications
LDAP using Active Directory
Filtering based on User Identity (Active)
Filtering based on User Identity (Passive) using FSSO
Static NAT (New IP Address) and Policy
Static NAT Port Forwarding and Policy
Remote Access using SSL VPN
Site VPN Tunnel to Cisco IOS Router
Two-Factor Authentication using FortiToken
Remote Access using IPSec
VLAN Tagging and Zone (for Guest & BYOD Networks)
DHCP Services (for Guest Network)
Guest Services using Captive Portal
Policies to Internet for Guest Network
Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
BGP Routing
Filtering based on Devices (BYOD)
Endpoint Control
Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
High Availability (Active-Passive, Active-Active)
Virtual Domains (VDOM)
Installing Public SSL Certificates

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